Kaifa Technology


Based on the values of Innovation, collaboration, Integrity, Intelligence, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd. (KAIFA) is committed to providing customers with complete sets of solutions and supporting services of Electricity Meter, Water Meter, Gas Meter and Heat Meter and has more than 20 years’ experience of independent R&D. KAIFA also has accumulatively obtained more than 100 patents and international standardized certificates. KAIFA has hundreds of professional specialists mastering multinational languages with abundant international business experience. In order to better develop business and serve customers, KAIFA has set up branches in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
As the first smart metering enterprise that exports smart meter “Designed and Made in China", KAIFA is the only company in China has deployed large-scale smart meters and participated in major AMI projects in Europe, and till today, KAIFA has delivered more than 36 million smart meters to Europe. Besides, KAIFA has reached international sophisticated criteria in terms of PLC and wireless communication. Since 2002, KAIFA has delivered over 60 million smart meters to nearly 80 utilities in 30 countries around the world, accumulating rich experience in design, integration, quality control, supply chain management and on-site service. Its self-designed products have also proved the reliability throughout the entire life cycle on site.
KAIFA upholds the concept of continuously improving product quality to enhance customer satisfaction, and continues to invest in intelligent manufacturing management systems in order to provide high-efficiency, reliable, and traceable system guarantee for mass production. Through years of accumulation and perseverance in "quality", "technology" and "service", KAIFA has won marvelous international reputation and customer trust.
In the future, KAIFA will continue to move towards a better vision of “Innovation Brings a Better Life”.