The Renewable Energy Association of Ghana (REAG)


The Renewable Energy Association of Ghana (REAG), established as an industry-oriented trade association, and functions as an organization for and by professionals. REAG convenes and aligns the interest of various other institutions/organisations, including consultants and individuals, and covers a wide range of considerations along the value chain of the membership. Members of REAG create awareness for the use and deployment of Renewable Energy (RE) technology (including solar, biomass, biofuel research, hydro, etc), advance the course of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Side Management (DSM), and promote sustainable and inclusive development in Ghana.

Committed to advocacy, adhering and complying with standards, and continually promoting best practices, REAG is focused on development-oriented projects and growth of the industry. A key objective is to stimulate the proactive uptake and development of the RE & EE market, whilst advancing the interests of stakeholders of the industry, and ensuring duty bearers are accountable. Other goals and objectives of REAG: Promotion of bilateral trade, direct investment and the technology transfers; Promoting free enterprise and a free market economy; Economic promotion for renewable energy deployment in Ghana and productive use of energy; Reducing the use of fossil fuels; Promoting sustainable industrial development; Training and education of specialists in the renewable energy sector; education and public awareness of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and climate change and Sustainability; Development of standards, applications and best practice projects for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency;  Promoting inclusion, TVETs and STEM in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our overarching focus is on continuous development of the RE and EE value chain, and active contribution to knowledge sharing in the industry. REAG is recognized and relied on for inputs to various initiatives and interventions including Trade Delegations, Conferences and Workshops, Energy Round Table Discussions, and Trade Shows. Ultimately, REAG works towards a representative locus of the RE and EE sectors in Ghana by engaging relevant stakeholders in industry, governments, NGOs, civil society, and actors in the development community. Products and services are tailored and bespoke and includes information of the market and networking /clientele base, product testing, trade facilitation, reliability and assurance services, advocacy, due diligence, education and awareness creation.