Honourable Bachir Ismaël Ouedraogo

Minister of Energy, Burkina Faso


Minister Bachir Ishmael OUEDRAOGO holds a PhD in Renewable Energy Economics and Climate Change from the University of Manchester in England. He also holds a master's degree in Public Policy and Human Development with a Specialization in Social Policy Finance from Maastricht University in Holland.

Bachir Ishmael OUEDRAOGO is an economist and expert in renewable energy economics, sustainable development, risks and policies of climate change with solid academic experience in economics and social policy finance. He has more than ten years of experience in energy and settlement, optimizing renewable energy systems and the impact of climate change on future energy consumption. He is also an expert in Energy Modeling, Design and Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems based on current value.
Bachir Ishmael OUEDRAOGO has a solid experience in simulation of energy consumption in buildings with different thermophysical and climatic conditions.
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